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The National Diving and Training Centre’s (NGTC) Gymnastics, Trampoline and Pre School academies are run under the direction of an experienced professional coaching team and operate as part of the ‘Diving Academy Programmes’. 

Pre School Academy


Participants: (2years – 5 years inclusive)


The Pre-School Gymnastics Academy will aim to link the development of fundamental movements for child development and fundamental gymnastics. This ‘active start’ gymnastics programme has been developed around the creation of challenges for the gymnast to concur. The gymnasts will progress at their own rate and this programme will allow for individual differences in each participants rate of achievement. The Academy will allow participants to sample a wide range of movements from three core areas. These are fundamental body movement patterns, fundamental gymnastics movements and fundamental diving movements.

Gymnastics Academy


Participants: 6years-8years inclusive) (9years – 12years inclusive) (12years+).

The focus of this Academy is to develop a wide range of gymnastic movements through structured class. The class will incorporate large periods of gymnast skill acquisition. This will occur on various pieces of apparatus. The measurement of the gymnast’s performance during the academy will be monitored through the introduction of Gymnastics Ireland ‘Gym Start’ Awards Programme.

Trampoline Academy

Participants: (6years-8years inclusive) (9years – 12years inclusive) (12years+)

The trampoline academy has developed its own gymnast centred learner based programme entitled ‘Learn to Trampoline’. This provides a well-defined set of goals based around five key skills at every level which allows participant centred progressive development. The Learn to Trampoline programme is carefully linked to the Dive Academy ‘Learn to Dive’ programme bring continuity in teaching styles for the N.A.C. Dive Academy Programmes.

Learn to Trampoline


Level 1- (Entry ): learn to Trampoline level one is the passport into the Trampoline academy programme. It is the very core essence and beginning of the shapes, timing and rhythm skills required for all trampoline disciplines.

Level 2 – (Beginner): Learn to Trampoline level two focuses on basic sports specific movements required in trampolining. The focus is on good posture and body stability needed to develop non feet landing and take off.

Level 3 – (Intermediate): Learn to Trampoline Level three develops the complicated movements were the bodies core is rotating and moving forward and backwards through skills.

Level 4 – (Advanced): Learn to Trampoline level four begins the skills needed to progress to a learning to train pathway such as quality in conditioning exercises. Development of turns and basic twisting and understanding rebound from different parts of the body.

Level 5 – (Advanced two): Learn to Trampoline level five focuses on the skills required to progress to competitive training through the squad system. This is the beginning of the ‘Training to Train’ phase of our Long term athlete development (L.T.A.D) model.

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Academy Payment and Class Details.
  • All Classes in Gymnastics, Trampolining and Pre School are duration of one hour.

  • Membership to Gymnastics Ireland is a prerequisite of the NAC Diving Academy Programmes Pre School, Gymnastics and Trampoline sessions. Proof of purchase (Receipt Copy) must be handed to Staff before session entry will be permitted. Gymnastics Ireland Academy Membership can be purchased at the sales office at a cost of €10.00 for the year (September to September)

  • All participants must have read and signed a gymnast agreement form (no participant will be allowed access to a class without the agreement form completed).

  • Classes can be booked through the N.A.C. Sales office on 01 6464300.

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