Online booking FAQ's 

Registering for HomePortal 

Q: How do I access my card number?  

A: Your card numbers were originally sent. Search your email for "HomePortal" in both your primary mail and spam folder. If you're unsuccessful please contact and state the child's name. A member of the team will come back shortly confirming the card number. 

Q: When prompted to enter DOB and email address fields, I keep receiving an error message "Please enter valid verification membership". How do I resolve this?  

A: Please ensure you are entering the DOB in the correct format, and using the email address that you have registered to the account. If this problem persists contact with the DOB and email address you are trying to register with. A member of the team will come back shortly confirming the DOB and email address on the account.  

Q: I am trying to link additional members, what do I do?  

A: Each person has to be registered individually prior to linking the accounts. Once you have registered each person indivdually you may link them through HomePortal using the card number used for registration. 


Payment Process 

Q: When I attempt to finalize the payment through Sage it appears in £, am I being charged in £? 

A: Unfortunately this is a default setting on our HomePortal software. We are working to resolve this issue, please be assured you are being charged in €. This will be confirmed in a receipt sent by Sage directly to your email.  

Q: When I try to pay I receive an error message "There was an error processing this request". How do I proceed?  

A: This means the lessons are currently not available to book. The 1st possible day to book in will be advertised on the email sent to all members of the academy. Prior to this date you will receive the above message as it is unavailable to book.  

Q. I am enrolled in multiple classes and want to process all transactions in the one payment, how do I do this? 

A: Currently the booking system will only allow one transaction/class to be paid off at a time. This means you have to repeat the same payment process for each class/member. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we are working hard to resolve the issue.  


Q: I have a credit on my account from the previous term that isn't showing up on my HomePortal. How do I resolve this?  

A: Unfortunately credits are not available to use on the HomePortal. In order to use your credit you must book through the sales team.  


Q: How do I check my child's progress?  

A: Whilst in the overview, select the more option beside your class of choice. You will then see assessment criteria for 4 different elements of swimming.  

Q: What % does my assessment result need to be in order to progress?  

A: In order to progress to the next level you must achieve a 100% assessment result.  

Q: When checking the HomePortal it says my child has not been assessed. How do I resolve this?  

A: All children should be assessed on week 3,5 and 8 of the academy. If there is no assessment information on your portal please contact who will update the portal.  

Q: How do I know if I am moving up a level?  

A: On week 8 of the academy your final assessment will take place. The following day after lunch you will receive an automated communication informing you of your level for the next term. Once you receive confirmation of your assessment result proceed to portal and book the appropriate class.


Q: The class I originally booked for no longer suits me. How do I change time?  

A: In order to change class, please contact Please note priority is given for the time and day you were previously enrolled. Changes are subject to availability within the academy.  


Q: I have forgotten my password, how do I recover it?  

A: Please visit and follow the lost password link to reset your password.  

Q: I have forgotten my email and my password, how do I proceed?  

A: If you have forgotten both your email and password please contact to confirm the email address associated with the account. Then follow the step above.  

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